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Rabbi "Seckel Leib" - Yitzchak Arye Wormser

The Baal - Shem of Michelstadt

Seckel Löb Mattes, as he was originally called, was born in Michelstadt about 1768. At the age of 16, he studied at the Yeshivah in Frankfurt. After 6 years he returned to Michelstadt, where he led a modest life, and realized his aim to found a Yeshiva for young men who wanted to devote themselves to the study of the Talmud. Some members of the small Jewish Community disliked him for his ascetic life, and for his interest in the Kaballah. His friends and admirers praised his honesty and helpfulness and he was known even beyond the german borders for the miracles he was said to have worked. In 1809 he concentrated on medicine at the Jewish Hospital in Mannheim. After a short while he returned to Michelstadt, and was officially named Rabbi of the Odenwald Communities, with the exception of Michelstadt. From 1822 until his death Sept. 13th 1847 (Yahrzeit: Tishrei 4th), he was Rabbi in Michelstadt.

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