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Minyanim in Frankfurt

Daily Minyanim in the Shtible!


Sundays and public holidays 9:00 am
Mondays till fridays 7:15 am
Rosh Chodesh weekdays 7:15 am
Shabbat (Westend-Synagoge/Shtible) 9:30 / 10:00 am


Sundays till thursdays                 b'zman*
Fridays (winter) 30 min. after candle lighting
Fridays (summer) 7:00 pm in the Westend-Synagogue
Fridays (summer) 7:00 pm (7:30 pm) in the Shtible
Minchah Shabbat 60 min. before Shabbes ends

* The times for Minchah/Maariv change throughout the year. In the winter, the earliest Minchah is 4:20 pm and in the summer the latest Minchah is 7:30 pm. Between this time range Minchah (followed by Maariv) is hold. During winter time, Maariv starts with Shkiah - during summer time, Maariv starts after Plag Haminchah.