Stop-Over > Arriving in Frankfurt

To find your way from the International Airport to Frankfurt am Main is pretty simple.

Taking Public Transfer

The public transfer system is very well developed and on time. When you arrive in the Arrival-Area, please look for "Regionalbahnhof". This is where the metro trains (in German S-Bahn) are leaving. Take any metro train (S8 or S9) into Frankfurt City.

Heading for the Jewish Commuity Center

If you are heading to the Jewish Community Center, get off at "Taunusanlage" and ask for direction to "Westendplatz". When you reached this small plaza, ask for Savigny Str. 66 (restaurant, hall) or Westend Str. 43 (Jewish Community).
Time-estimation: ca. 11 minutes train + 10 minutes walking distance
Costs: ca. 4 Euros

Heading for the Synagogue

If you want to go to the Westend Synagogue (and Shtible) get of at "Hauptwache" and swich trains to U6 or U7 directions "Heerstrasse" or "Hausen". (The "U" stands for subway / underground trains.)

Get off at "Westend", take the subway exit "Freiherr-vom-Stein-Strasse". Go into this street for around 150 meters until you see the police car right in front of the large old synagogue building (house # 30). The entrance for weekly minyonim is "22 Altkoenig Street", the SHTIBLE.
Time-estimation: ca. 20 minutes trains + 3 minutes walking distance
Costs: ca. 4 Euros

Taking a Taxi

If you are taking a Taxi, please tell the taxi driver the route over intersection "A5/A648 Frankfurt Messe". Its the fastest route with less traffic and traffic lights.
Time-estimation: ca. 15 minutes or less to the Jewish Community Center and Synagogue.
Costs: 25-30 Euros

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